The Biggest 3 Days International Exhibition for Commercial & Heavy Duty Vehicles

10:30 AM ~ 9:00 PM

23 ~ 25 June, 2022

International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka


Why-Bangladesh? Why-Now?

Bangladeshs economy is projected to grow 6.9 per cent in fiscal year 2022-23 thanks to strong export growth and a rebound in domestic demand, the World Bank (WB) said in its Global Economic Prospects released. Dhaka and Chittagong are the principal financial centers of the country, being home to the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange. The financial sector of Bangladesh is the second largest in the subcontinent. Bangladesh is one of the world's fastest 4 growing economy. At least 35,000 units of commercial vehicles such as bus, truck, auto-rickshaw, cargo van, human-hauler, pickup and tanker were sold last year, way higher than 2,000 units 10 years ago, said Abdul Matlub Ahmad, chairman of Nitol-Niloy Group. Sales of commercial vehicles are growing rapidly in Bangladesh thanks to the increasing economic activities in the last one decade.

In FIgure

At present, the market size of commercial vehicle is about Tk 4,200 crore whereas it was about Tk 2,000 crore a decade ago. Bangladesh is a potential market for commercial vehicles as the economy is booming. The market size of commercial vehicles grew 15 percent to 20 percent every year over the last one decade. Data from the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) showed it registered 7,808 units of truck in the seven months to July this year. The number stood at 10,353 units in the full year of 2017; 7,275 in 2016; 6,330 in 2015 and 8,136 in 2014. There are 14-16 large automobile retailers in Bangladesh. Of them, 5-6 have assembly facilities, while the rest are sole distributors or importers, according to the industry insiders.